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North of Vakala near Black Beach is a mid range hotel that has seens some years. Some of the bungalows are split in half, so with two rooms instead of completely detached. They offer a nice restaurant and yoga. A quiet and peacful location outside of Varkala.


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+1 #3 Fritz Larsson 2013-01-24 10:44
Walking another kilometer to the north from the busy Varkala cliff area you reach the Odayam beach, where the fishermen every morning take up their nets as they have done hundreds of years before. The resort is situated among a few other more expensive resorts, but this has an atmosphere that the others cannot compete. Lovely setting and very friendly staff. The beach is rather empty, no sellers. The only drawback is rather slow restaurant, although very delicate dishes. Just make your order an hour in advance and you will be pleased.
+1 #2 Rafeena Rahim 2012-10-26 14:13
i was very pleased of the location it was very clean quiet and we had a wonderful time for three weeks .
great people
great resort
great food
+1 #1 Steve Lett 2012-10-26 14:09
I stayed there in september 2012,and a very relaxed holiday the staff were very good. It was nice to rest in the hammocks during the day and have nice meals in the evening
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